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Rowenta Bully Collecto RU600 Wet & Dry 200mm high Cartridge Filter

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Equivalent Rowenta ref: RZ70

Dimensions 180mm Outside diameter (150mm Internal diameter) x 200mm High (195mm Internal height)
(Pack of 1)

This filter is made from Polyester media for wet and dry use while offering 85% efficiency at 5 micron particle size.
†ROWENTA††† Wet & Dry RU 4053
†ROWENTA††† Wet & Dry RU 5053
†ROWENTA††† Wet & Dry TQ 5053
†ROWENTA††††Wet & Dry RU†4022
Bully Laveur†† †RB602
Bully Laveur†† †RB602 - RB602_BE BE
Bully Laveur†† †RB60A - RB60A_BE BE
Bully Laveur†† †RB60A - RB60A_FR FR
Bully Laveur†† †RB61
Bully Laveur†† †RB61A
Bully Laveur†† †RB70
Bully Laveur†† †RB70 - RB70_BE BE
Bully Laveur†† †RB70A
Bully Laveur†† †RB70A - RB70A_BE BE
Bully Laveur†† †RB70A - RB70A_ES ES
Bully Laveur†† †RB70A - RB70A_FR FR
Bully Laveur†† †RB70A - RB70AA_FR FR
Bully Laveur†† †RB70A - RB70AB_FR FR
Bully Laveur†† †RB70A - RB70AC_FR FR
Bully Laveur†† †RB720 - RB720_FR FR
Bully Laveur†† †RB720 - RB720B_FR FR
Bully Laveur†† †RB800
Bully Laveur†† †RB800 - RB800_BE BE
Bully Laveur†† †RB800 - RB800_ES ES
Bully Laveur†† †RB800 - RB800_FR FR
Bully Laveur†† †RB820
Bully Laveur†† †RB820 - RB820_FR FR
Bully Laveur††††RB60
Collecto Bully†† †RB850
Collecto Bully†† †RB850 - RB850CZ SK
Collecto Bully†† †RB850 - RB850ES PT
Collecto Bully†† †RB860
Collecto Bully†† †RB860 - RB860CZ CZ
Collecto Bully†† †RB860 - RB860CZ HU
Collecto Bully†† †RB860 - RB860GR GR
Collecto Bully†† †RB860 - RB860RU RU
Collecto Bully†† †RB870
Collecto Bully†† †RB870 - RB870CZ RO
Collecto Bully†† †RB870 - RB870FR FR
Collecto Bully†† †RB870 - RB870TR TR
Collecto Bully†† †RB870 - RB870ZA ZA
Collecto Bully†† †RB880
Collecto†† †7P0041947P DE - RU635
Collecto†† †NP0005495P LB - RU635
Collecto†† †RU600
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600CL CL
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600CZ PL
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600CZ RO
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600CZ SK
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600DK DK
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600DK SE
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600GB GB
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600IT NL
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600JP JP
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600LU BE
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600LU LU
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600SA ZA
Collecto†† †RU600 - RU600XY IL
Collecto†† †RU600N
Collecto†† †RU601
Collecto†† †RU605
Collecto†† †RU605FA
Collecto†† †RU630
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630AT AT
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630CH CH
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630CL CL
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630CZ BG
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630CZ CZ
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630CZ1 BG
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630CZ1 CZ
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630CZ1 SK
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630DK DK
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630GB GB
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630IL IL
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630IT BE
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630IT NL
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630IT1 BE
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630IT1 LU
Collecto†† †RU630 - RU630TR TR
Collecto†† †RU635
Collecto†† †RU636
Vorace†† †RD200
Vorace†† †RD200 - RD200_FR FR
Vorace†† †RD200 - RD200_NL NL
Vorace†† †RD200 - RD200N_BE BE
Vorace†† †RD200 - RD200N_FR FR
Vorace†† †RD206
Vorace†† †RD210
Vorace†† †RD400
Vorace†† †RD400 - RD400_BE BE
Vorace†† †RD400 - RD400_FR FR
Vorace†† †RD406
Vorace†† †RD410
Vorace†† †RU01
Vorace†† †RU01 - RU01_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU01 - RU01_PT PT
Vorace†† †RU010
Vorace†† †RU010 - RU010_BE BE
Vorace†† †RU010 - RU010_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU010 - RU010_IT IT
Vorace†† †RU020
Vorace†† †RU03
Vorace†† †RU03 - RU03_IT IT
Vorace†† †RU031
Vorace†† †RU031 - RU031B_AFR FR
Vorace†† †RU031 - RU031FR1 FR
Vorace†† †RU040
Vorace†† †RU040 - RU040 FR
Vorace†† †RU041
Vorace†† †RU051B - RU051B_BE BE
Vorace†† †RU051B - RU051B_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU051B - RU051B_PT CN
Vorace†† †RU061
Vorace†† †RU062
Vorace†† †RU068
Vorace†† †RU069
Vorace†† †RU07 - RU07_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU07 - RU07_IT IT
Vorace†† †RU071
Vorace†† †RU072
Vorace†† †RU073
Vorace†† †RU08
Vorace†† †RU090
Vorace†† †RU108
Vorace†† †RU15A
Vorace†† †RU36
Vorace†† †RU36 - RU36_AT AT
Vorace†† †RU36 - RU36_BE BE
Vorace†† †RU36 - RU36_DE DE
Vorace†† †RU361 - RU361_BE BE
Vorace†† †RU361 - RU361_FR MT
Vorace†† †RU361 - RU361_FR TH
Vorace†† †RU361 - RU361_IT IT
Vorace†† †RU361 - RU361_N FR
Vorace†† †RU362
Vorace†† †RU363
Vorace†† †RU364 - RU364 FR
Vorace†† †RU366
Vorace†† †RU367
Vorace†† †RU38
Vorace†† †RU38 - RU38_AT AT
Vorace†† †RU38 - RU38_BE BE
Vorace†† †RU38 - RU38_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU381
Vorace†† †RU381 - RU381_BE BE
Vorace†† †RU381 - RU381_BE CN
Vorace†† †RU381 - RU381_FR CN
Vorace†† †RU381 - RU381_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU381 - RU381_GB GB
Vorace†† †RU381 - RU381_NL RU
Vorace†† †RU406
Vorace†† †RU425
Vorace†† †RU451
Vorace†† †RU45A
Vorace†† †RU45A - RU45A_DE DE
Vorace†† †RU45A - RU45A_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU45A - RU45AXD AE
Vorace†† †RU46
Vorace†† †RU46 - RU46_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU46 - RU46XD AE
Vorace†† †RU461
Vorace†† †RU500 - RU500_ES ES
Vorace†† †RU500 - RU500_ES RU
Vorace†† †RU500 - RU500_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU520
Vorace†† †RU520 - RU520S DE
Vorace†† †RU520A
Vorace†† †RU521
Vorace†† †RU521 - RU521_AT AT
Vorace†† †RU521 - RU521_DE DE
Vorace†† †RU521 - RU521_FR FR
Vorace†† †RU521 - RU521_IT IT
Vorace†† †RU521 - RU521_NL NL
Vorace†† †RU521 - RU521CH CH
Rowenta, Bully, Collecto RB14,
RB50, RB51, RB52, RB54, RB56, RB57,
RB60, RB61,
RB500, RB510, RB520,
RB700, RB720,
RB800 - RB839, RB850, RB860,
RD200, RD215,
RU01 - RU15, RU020,
RU065, RU070, RU071,
RU100 - RU110,
RU600, RU630, RU635,


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