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VAX Turboforce, Swift & Performance HEPA Filter Pack

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Please note Vax often use the same model names on both Cylinder (model number begins with C) and upright (model number begins with U) models, so make sure you are looking at the correct format, or to check type the model number into the Search box above.
Astrata U89-AS-B
Big Bubble VS-18.. Series,
Infinity By Vax VS-190B, V-060B
Performance V-008.. Series
Performance Pet U90-PF-P-T
Pets V-2200U
Power 3 U88-P3 Series
Power 4 U90-P4 Series
Power 5 Pet U90-P5-P,
Power 6 Complete U90-P6-C,
Swift VS-19.. & VS-190.. Series
Turboforce, Turboforce Lite V-006.. Series
Turboforce V-060 Series
Ultrixx Pet V-041P
U87-VU-PF, U87-VU-PP, U87-VU-C,
U88-VU-R-A & U89-VU-R-A
Vision Lite VS-10
Vax Ref; Filter Type 3
(Pack of 1)
Astrata U89-AS-B
Big Bubble VS-182
Big Bubble VS-18
Big Bubble VS-18Y
Big Bubble VS-18U
Big Bubble VS-181
Big Bubble Family VS-181T
Big Bubble Pet VS-183
Centrix Pet VS-190CX
Everyday 1900 V-041HS
Everyday Pets Pro V-041T
Everyday Total Power V-041HC
Everyday Upright V-042
Infinity by V-060B
Infinity by V-060
Infinity by VS-190
Infinity by VS-190B
Infinity By Vax V-060B
Infinity By Vax VS-190B
Performance Pet U90-PF-P-T
Performance V-008SC
Performance V-008U
Performance V-008
Performance Self Propelled V-008SP
Performance Twin V-008TX
Performance Twin-Cyclonic V-008T
Performance V-091X
Power 3 U88-P3-B, U88-P3-P
Power 4 U90-P4-B, U90-P4-P
Power 5 Pet U90-P5-B, U90-P5-P,
Power 6 Complete U90-P6-C, U90-P6-B, U90-P6-P
Powermax - VRS4
Powermax Pet - VRS7U
Swift VS-19U
Swift VS-19RU
Swift VS-19BU
Swift VS-19
Swift VAX VS-19B
Swift VAX VS-19AT
Swift VS-19R
Swift VS-190
Swift VS-190HP
Swift Allergy VS-19S
Swift Complete VS-190C
Swift HEPA VS-191 & 191T
Swift HEPA VAX VS-192
Swift High Power VAX VS-19H
Swift Pet VS-19TS
Swift Pet VS-190P
Swift Pet VAX VS-190PA
Swift Pet Premium VS-190APP
Swift Power VAX VS-190PO
Swift Reach VS-190R
Swift Tickled Pink VAX VS-190ATP
Swift TT VAX VS-19AT
Swift TT VS-180
Swift Turbo VS-193ST
Swift Turbo VS-193S
Swift Turboforce High Power VAX VS-193HST
Swift Ultra VS-190U
Turboforce V-060CSP
Turboforce V-006S
Turboforce V-006B
Turboforce V-060
Turboforce V-006N
Turboforce V-006
Turboforce Complete V-060C
Turboforce Floor Command V-060FC
Turboforce High Power V-006H
Turboforce Lite V-006L
Turboforce Lite VS-19TL
Turboforce Lite VS-19TLT
Turboforce Pet V-060PA
Turboforce Pet V-060P
Turboforce Plus V-060PL
Turboforce Power Pet V-060PP
Turboforce Power Premium V-060APP
Turboforce Powermax V-060A
Turboforce Reach V-060R
Turboforce Super Power V-060X
Turboforce Ultra V-006U
Turboforce Ultra V-060U
Turboforce Xtra V-006X
Ultrixx Pet V-041P
U89-VU-R-A, U88-VU-R-A
(Pack of 1)


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