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Purefilta HEPA Cleaning Bags

Purefilta HEPA Cleaning Bags

Purefilta HEPA Cleaning Bags

The Filtamagic PureFilta HEPA cleaning bags are high tech dust bags produced from a multi-layer synthetic media. The dust loading capacity of PureFilta HEPA is 30% better than the next best brand of synthetic dust bags and is 200% better than conventional paper bags.

The material can filter finer dust particles, providing HEPA 10 filtration performance.

The results are impressive:
• +200% Dust Loading
• 99.99% Dust Retention

Other benefits include the dramatic increase in cleaning performance, through improved suction of your vacuum cleaner and the useful life of the bag is extended. The PureFilta HEPA range incorporates all the top-selling vacuum cleaner brands and retailer models including Argos, Bosch, Electrolux, Hoover, John Lewis, Miele, Numatic, Tesco and Vax. If you don’t see your brand but want the benefits that PureFilta HEPA bags offer, then we also have Universal ‘Adaptor Bag’ options for both upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners.

Can I make face masks out of vacuum bags for Coronavirus?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, we have received a significant number of enquiries regarding the use of vacuum bags as face masks. The masks which are made specially for hospital health care workers have special filtration for bacteria and viruses. They are rated differently than HEPA bags however, given the surge in demand, these masks are hard to find and are in in acute shortage, we are noticing that lot of people are making a DIY basic mask out of vacuum bags. This is just a a temporary solution and will not replace the N95 or any other medical mask. If you are very inclined to make a mask of your own, only the vacuum bags which have HEPA, Synthetic Cloth, Allergen or 99.7% filtration should be used for this purpose. You may use a rectangular piece inside two layers of other cloth or make a complete mask from the synthetic cloth bags.

Note: You should always use a cotton fabric as a layer which faces your mouth to avoid having a direct contact with bag cloth.

Please contact us for guidance on applicable HEPA filtration products.

DIY Surgical Mask Infographic

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