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PureFilta HEPA Bags
PureFilta HEPA Bags
Our PureFilta HEPA cleaning bags have a special structure that filter finer dust particles, providing HEPA 10 filtration performance without loss of suction, improving cleaning performance.
Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Vacuum Cleaner Bags
 We have an extensive bag range for all the leading household brands and all types of bagged upright, canister and cylinder vacuums.
Vacuum Cleaner Filters
Vacuum Cleaner Filters
We have an extensive filter range for all the leading household brands and all types from handheld to stick, upright, canister and cylinder vacuums.
Vacuum Cleaner Belts
Vacuum Cleaner Belts
If your vacuum cleaner belt has snapped or is worn out it should be replaced. We have an extensive range to choose from for all leading household brands
Vacuum Accessories
Vacuum Cleaner Accessories
 We have an extensive bag range for all the leading household brands and all types of bagged upright, canister and cylinder vacuums.
Steam Mop Pads
Steam Mop Pads
 The heat of steam mop pads can kill about 99% of bacteria, disinfect floors and restore shine, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Cooker Hood Filters
Cooker Hood Filters
Cooker hood grease filters and indicators come in many shapes and sizes, so the Universal cut-to-fit products are also very popular. 

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  • Vacuum Cleaner Bags, Belts & Accessories Online Shop

    Whether you are a heavy or light user of vacuum bags and Vacuum filters, why not try our comprehensive range of compatible Filtamagic Vacuum bags and filters? They can save you money as the more you buy the more you save. Our Filta MAGIC range of consumables is a cost effective alternative to the genuine branded item, they are produced to the same stringent standards of quality and performance as the genuine item.

    This is a comprehensive range and is available for all makes and models of bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners for domestic and commercial markets. We have a huge range of Vacuum cleaner bags, filters and Vacuum Cleaner beltsto fit all popular brands of vacuum cleaner including many own brands sold by electrical and grocery retailers and mass merchandisers like Tesco, Sainsbury, ASDA, Woolworths, Superdrug, B & Q, Homebase, Argos, Comet and Currys. Filtamagic supply a wide range of filters from simple cut to fit formats such as motor (protection) filters, carbon (anti odour filters), micro (fine particle) filters, to complex MEMA and HEPA filters for bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. Some of these MEMA and HEPA filters found in Dirt Devil, Dyson, Electrolux , Hoover, Morphy Richards Vacuum Bags are made from special washable filter materials that provide extended useful life. Filtamagic also supply an extensive range of replacement belt packs for all bagged and bagless upright vacuum cleaners, rechargeable/hand helds with powered brushrolls and the more recently introduced upright carpet washer formats with brushrolls from Bissell, Hoover and Vax. In all we cover more than 100 different brands of vacuum cleaners.

  • Our Vacuum Cleaner Bag Ranges:

    Electrolux Vacuum Bags:

    At, we have a huge range of Electrolux Vacuum bags, Vacuum belts & Electrolux vacuum filters.

    Miele Vaccum Bags:

    Miele Vacuum Bags, including Miele FJM vacuum bags, Miele G&N Vacuum Cleaner Bags, just to name a few. There are many other bags suitable for other Miele Vacuum Cleaner.

    Hoover vacuum Bags

    Hoover bags and accessories are also very popular. We stock Hoover wet & dry vacuum bags, Hoover Purepower H20 Bags, Sensotronic vacuum bags and vacuum bags suitable for many other Hoover model. We also have Hoover vacuum accessories like belts available to purchase online.

    Panasonic Vacuums bags

    Panasonic is another popular brand and we have vacuum bags suitable for many Panasonic models such as Panasonic C2E & C20E HEPA bags, Panasonic MCE53, MCE54 & MCE55 filters & belts for Panasonic MCE41 series, MCE3000 & MCE4000 series vacuum cleaners. We stock many other brands like, Bosch, Philips, Morphy Richards, Delonghi and many others. We also stock many Supermarket brands such as

  • Tesco Vacuum bags & Accessories

    Tesco VC406, Tesco VC 108, VC005 HEPA, Tesco VC206 and bags suitable for other Tesco vacuum models are available along with HEPA filters for Tesco vacuums, combination floor tools are available as well.

    Argos Vacuum bags & accessories

    Vacuum bags suitable for Argos Proaction & Value rangeVC-401 & CJ021/32/051 are available to purchase online. Filters suitable for Argos vacuum cleaners are available with Filter cleaning kits.

    ASDA Vacuum Bags

    ASDA Vacuum bags suitable for ASDA ONN OV003 vacuum cleaners, DBV001 Vacuum cleaner and more models. ASDA HEPA filters available to purchase.

    Dyson Vacuum Belts

    Range of of Dyson Belts & Dyson filters are available to order online. to fit DYSON DC01, DC04, DC07 & DC14 MODELS WITHOUT ot WITH BRUSH CONTROL

    Other vacuum spares and accessories available are VAX, VAX Belts & VAX filters, we have filters and belts for many other vacuum cleaners, AEG, DIRT DEVIL, HOMEBASE, ZANUSSI ,PHILIPs to name a few.

  • Our promise & Guarantee to you

    Customer Service

    We always offer the best quality product at competitive prices with Filtamagic vacuum cleaner consumables which we will ship from stock in our warehouse where our team is waiting to serve you. With over 100,000 delighted customers across the UK, Ireland and Europe we are dedicated to providing you with all the vacuum cleaner bags , filters, belts and vacuum cleaner accessories that you may need for your cleaner.

    Our Guarantee

    We guarantee all of the products that we sell for their lifetime. If you have any problems please call us free on 0800 542 5852 or email us to organise replacement bags, filters or belts for you.

    Post & Packaging

    We only charge £1 per product ordered for postage and packing costs within the UK, all of our orders will be despatched by Royal Mail Second Class post.

    We also include VAT in all of our advertised prices so you know that the price you see is the price you pay.

  • Finding Your Vacuum Model Number

    Where should I look?

    The model number will be displayed on an electrical rating label which will be either on the side or base of the vacuum cleaner.

    What should I see?

    Your model or type number will be a combination of letters and numbers, sometimes separated by a dash (-) or a slash (/).

    What if not found?

    Call our customer services team on 0800 542 5852 and we'll try to assist you.

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