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Vacuum Cleaner Facts

A vacuum cleaner is probably the most expensive cleaning tool you will buy so it's important when choosing your next vacuum cleaner to make the right decision.

If you've ever wondered what air watts or HEPA filtration means, or are confused about the difference between cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners, and bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners, This Guide to Buying Vacuum Cleaners will explain everything you need to know and much more.
Power and suction explained

Power and suction explained

When comparing vacuum cleaners you may notice both watts and air watts are stated, which can be confusing if you don't know what they mean. To put it simply, watts is a measure of the amount of power going into the vacuum cleaner. Air watts is a measure of how much of that power is converted into suction. Air watts are dependent on the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. So if the vacuum cleaner has a high wattage but poor efficiency, the air watts rating will be lower, which means the suction power will be compromised. The higher the air watts, the better the suction.

Whether a vacuum cleaner offers ‘no loss of suction’ depends on the type of dust separation technology used.

Helpful Vacuum Cleaner Guide

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