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Finding the Model Number on your Vacuum Cleaner

Follow these simple steps to find your Vacuum Cleaner model number

Where should I look?

It's really important when ordering a consumable or spare part for your vacuum cleaner that you have the correct model information to hand as this will ensure that you get the correct part for your vacuum cleaner.
The model name or number on the front of the machine may suffice. However many manufacturers reference their spares by model/type number rather than model name. This is particularly true for more technical spares like motors and carbon brushes.
In the first instance always look for the electrical information or rating plate found in less visible areas of the vacuum cleaner or refer to the manufacturers' instruction manual which would have been included with the product at time of purchase.

What should I see?

Your model or type number will be a combination of letters and numbers, sometimes separated by a dash (-) or a slash (/).

What if not found?

Call our customer services team on 07475 121385 and we'll try to assist you.

Remember-Safety Information

Always unplug your vacuum cleaner from the electrical mains before changing bags, filters or drive belts.