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FiltaMagic Floorcare

FiltaMagic Floorcare

FiltaMagic Floorcare

Filtamagic floorcare consumables include a number of technically superior vacuum cleaner consumables for bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners.

Our Purefilta synthetic bag options use new high tech synthetic media combinations, which offer a range of improved filtration and dust loading capabilities, up to HEPA 10 filtration performance. The dust loading capacity is significantly better than conventional paper bags.

Our Filtaclean and Vacuumclean products improve the life of pleated filters and make cleaning them much easier in bagless vacuums.

Our latest FiltaMAGIC products increase the suction performance of your vacuum cleaner and extend the useful life of bags and filters.

The basic FiltaMAGIC range in polybag packaged format includes 350+ products:

  • A comprehensive range of domestic vacuum cleaner paper bags (5/pk)
  • The top 30 belt packs, and a wide selection of filter packs and accessories.
  • There is also a top 50 range of leading Commercial paper bags (10/pk) branded Professional
As we all become increasingly aware of the urgent need to protect our environment, we all need to play our part. Filtamagic is no different and we are working to minimise excess packaging and work to source materials from sustainable resources and minimise the use of materials that are not degradeable or recyclable.

Purefilta HEPA is a new high tech dust bag range using multi layer synthetic media.
The special 5 layer structure filters more fine dust particles offering HEPA 10 filtration performance.

The fantastic dust loading capacity of Purefilta HEPA is 30% better than the next best brand of synthetic dust bags and is 500% better than conventional paper bags and it will soon be 100% biodegradable!

The suction performance of your vacuum cleaner is increased and the useful life of the bag extended.

Dust retention is 99.99%
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