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5 things you should never vacuum

Posted by Team FM on 3rd Sep 2022

5 things you should never vacuum

A clean and tidy home makes for a welcoming experience whether you’re having guests over, or whether you’re coming home from work and looking forward to unwinding for the evening. And one of the most prominent of all the cleaning tools is the vacuum cleaner.

This makes sense, these practical machines are so useful that the majority of your cleaning is done once you’ve completed a thorough round or two on your carpet. However, that doesn’t mean all vacuum cleaners are the answer to every mess or blemish in your home. In fact, there are certain things you should be very careful about what type of vacuum cleaner you can use to suck up and some you should not. And in this blog piece, we will be covering what they are.


The utility of a vacuum cleaner often masks any faults it may have. It’s important to know what you should steer clear of in regards to your vacuum. Cleaning over the wrong things can hurt its efficiency, and even damage it beyond repair. Here are 5 things you should think twice before getting your vacuum cleaner out.


Attempting to clean a makeup spill from a carpet or rug with an upright vacuum cleaner is a good way to make a bad accident worse. The brush bar will only work to make the stain bigger as it beats the makeup deeper into the surface. However using a suction cleaner, cylinder or canister, can be used to suck up the make up carefully, but the bag should then be replaced or if a bagless model, immediately emptied to avoid the makeup melting. If any mark is still left on the carpet, you could then use a carpet washer to wash away any residue.


Regular Vacuum cleaners can handle a lot — they are quite durable and robust. However, they have their limits. And one of those limits is sucking up ash and fine dust from fireplaces, BBQs, Fire pits, etc. The reason this kind of debris is bad for regular vacuums is that they lack the proper filters and structure to handle the sticky ash and possible risk of sucking up hot embers that will damage a regular vacuum. . The ash and dust particles [once vacuumed] seal the filter’s surface which leads to a clogged vacuum. You can buy special purpose ash vacuums or attachments with metal bodies, hose and ash filters that you plug your regular vacuum into, to suck up ash without problem.


Sauces, cereal, soup, or any other type of wet food should be avoided if your vacuum is a dry only model-they cannot handle any form of liquid as the suction air passes through the motor. So if you do decide to do it, you may end up cleaning the floor you split your food on, but you will also damage your vacuum cleaner unnecessarily.

A wet and dry vacuum, hard floor washer or carpet washer will do the job, as they have a different type of motor, which keeps what you suck up away from the electrics.

After you’ve done the job make sure you suck up plenty of clean, warm water to wash out the hoses and ensure you thoroughly clean the dirt bin and filters to avoid odours!!


Shattered glass isn’t just a mess, it’s a safety hazard. So it makes sense that you’d want to clear it up as quickly and as efficiently as possible, which often means reaching for the vacuum as it will pick up the pieces you don’t even see. However you do need to be careful as shards of glass can damage your vacuum cleaner, causing tears, rips, and punctures in a bagged cleaner that can lead to an even bigger mess than just a few broken glass pieces. Even if your vacuum doesn’t have a bag, any glass sucked up should be immediately disposed of as glass shards can be damaging to the inner surfaces if left to rattle around too long inside your cleaner. You should always pick up larger glass fragments before vacuuming and wrap them in old newspaper or the like to dispose of, so nothing will get stuck in the hose or airways of your vacuum.


Never, ever attempt to suck up any type of flammable or explosive fluid with a vacuum cleaner of any type as any spark could be the end of you!! There are horror stories of people doing such things as using a vacuum cleaner to empty a car’s fuel tank-BANG!!

To Sum it All Up

The efficiency of vacuum cleaners has helped us keep our homes clean for over one hundred years. But despite its handyness, it’s still important to know what type of mess can and can’t be handled by the different types of vacuum cleaner

Which all goes to explain why there are more and more vacuum cleaners in our homes today!

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