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​How should I clean my wood floor?

Posted by Harry "woody" Wilson on 22nd May 2022

​How should I clean my wood floor?

Those beautiful wood floors are an investment and routine cleaning is highly recommended. Get rid of that pesky dust and dirt before it scratches and dulls the finish, or even worse, wears away the floor. Better still, you can now use products that are safe for your family and the environment, and still have beautiful wood floors that will last a lifetime.

Some people prefer using soft-fibre or microfiber dust mops. These are great choices, but you need to be careful, as these too, can scratch fine floor surfaces with the dust and dirt they collect. We prefer using a good vacuum cleaner to keep our wood floors in great shape. See our selection of floor tools suitable for use on hard floors, either combination (carpet and hard floor) formats or specific hard floor tools. If you are concerned your wood floor can be scratched quite easily, we “wood” recommend our soft bristle parquet hard floor tool options here

Steam mops are also a good choice, as long as the floor has been sealed. A steam mop is better than a regular mop, since the steam mop uses a lot less water and the floor usually dries in seconds. The heat from the steam isn’t an issue, unless you let the steam mop sit in one place while you are on that ten minute call to your friend………. So, keep that mop moving. See our range of steam mop parts here

Don’t listen to anyone that says “use water and vinegar, soap-based cleaners”” on your hardwood floors. Vinegar and water will dull the floor’s finish over time, even after you have rinsed it well, Vinegar BTW has 5% acidity . Say “no” to soap and wax, as they leave residue or a cloudy film on the floor..NB: Be sure the steam cleaner you use has enough heat to provide steam and not just hot water — water and unsealed wooden floors are a bad mix!.

As always, you can check out our great range of steam mops here and we will be pleased to discuss products that will keep your hardwood floor clean, free from dirt & dust, and help prevent scuffs and scratches. A clean floor is a longer lasting floor and helps protect your investment.

With next day delivery available & all our products backed up by our price promise you couldn’t be in better hands for your wood floor vacuum & steam mop requirements.

Again, If you are not sure of which steam mop part or vacuum attachment you need, then just reach out to our friendly customer service team on 0800 542 5852 or drop us a message via our Instagram page or Facebook - we can help with any queries you may have. 

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