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Vacuum Cleaner Attachments & their uses

Posted by Team FM on 22nd Jul 2022

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments & their uses

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments & their uses

The vacuum cleaner is among the most popular household appliances available today, and of course we would say that, but it is actually very true! Most households have at least one vacuum, often one upstairs and one downstairs, or an old one has been kept in the garage to clean the car and garage. I even vacuum my patio with an old bagged canister cleaner and a stiff bristle hard floor tool, it comes up like new every time and I just throw the bag away each time-simple:). But having said this, many people don’t get the most from their vacuums, the most efficient way to pick up dust and debris from all surfaces, throughout the home.

A cause for confusion may be how to use the many different cleaning attachments that the vacuum you have came with. These vacuum cleaner attachments can be very confusing, but they are all useful and there are many additional accessories that you can buy to extend the uses you put your vacuum cleaner to, in order to get the best results quickly and easily. In this blog piece, we will inform you what the different types of vacuum accessories are, and how they are used.

Floor tools (for use with cylinder and canister (suction) cleaners)

Floor tools are the primary vacuum cleaner attachment designed to clean floor surfaces. Today all Cylinder and canister (suction) vacuum cleaners come with a combination floor tool which will work on carpeted and hard floors. They generally have retractable brushes to use on hard floors, but which are not required for use on carpets or rugs as it would be too hard to push. Depending on your brand/model it is possible to buy dedicated hard floor tools that can be up to 300/12”-400 mm/16” wide and have stiff or soft bristles specially for parquet floors, for example and enable you to achieve a better result on tiled or wooden floors. Some floor tool options have wheels to make them lighter to push particularly on some types of carpet which can sometimes be quite an effort to push the floor tool over when vacuuming. So you can always investigate alternative floor tools for your vacuum if you don’t think your current one works well for you.See our general range here

Or for a particular brand option see here

Crevice tools (All types of vacuum cleaners)

The crevice tool can help if you need to get down the side of the fridge or the side of the sofa cushions or down the side of your seats in the car r. This thin pointy attachment features a small nozzle that fits into tight places and corners you would otherwise not be able to reach.

It can be difficult to manoeuvre a big vacuum along a stairway. Using a crevice tool makes it easier for you to clean along the edges and corners of your stairs.

They come in a variety of sizes and lengths. You can even buy long, flexible crevice tools with brush attachment for cleaning behind radiators, under low furniture, or to reach high ceiling corners, curtain poles, etc.

You can find our selection of crevice tools here

Upholstery Attachment (All types of vacuum cleaners)

With either lint strips or short bristles this type of tool is suitable for sensitive fabric surfaces such as curtains, chairs, sofas, and mattresses to help you gently clean by softly removing the dirt and dust Those with lint strips are especially good at cleaning away hair be it yours or your pets!

Check out our great range of upholstery attachments here

Dust Brush (All types of vacuum cleaners)

Vacuum dusting brush attachments are particularly good at picking up dust and debris without damaging surfaces.they work really well on wooden surfaces, shelves, and window blinds removing dust that has settled and needs to be brushed away to overcome the “electrostatic attraction” to the surface it’s on.

Walls and ceilings can be best cleaned using a dust brush attachments too. To reach these higher areas, it might be necessary to connect the brush to the extension tubes,Work your way down from the ceiling to the floor, top down for best results.

This type of tool also works really well when used to clean vent slats on air conditioners and electric fires (unplugged of course) where dust seems to accumulate, especially during seasons when the fire or air conditioner is running more often. To decrease the chance of scratching, the dust brush attachment can also be used to clean leather furniture as well as window blind slats.

At FiltaMagic, we have a big range of dust brushes, soft and stiff bristle options, various shapes and sizes, check them out here

Turbo brush (for use with cylinder and canister (suction) cleaners)

This type of vacuum attachment, which looks like a mini vacuum cleaner head, has a rotating brush bar (like an upright vacuum cleaner) that is driven by the suction. They come in various sizes for use on carpets, rugs, in cars , camper vans or even on soft furnishings. Smaller ones work very well on stairs. They are suitable for use on cylinder or canister vacuums, suction cleaners, as they need plenty of airflow to drive them. A lot of today’s cordless stick vacuums have heads similar to these but with motors in them.Check these out here


Given the huge selection of different vacuum cleaners in homes and the wide selection of special purpose accessory tools on offer you can imagine there are often fitting problems. We are constantly working to ensure all the best accessory tools are available to use on as many vacuum models as possible. Adapters help you connect the accessory tools to your vacuum cleaner. In particular, if you are trying to use attachments that are not unique to your vacuum cleaner brand or model. Dyson is good at this - changing the fitting method from one series to another, but you may have spent a lot of money on special accessories that are still in perfect working order, so these adapters are often essential.

Our range of adapters can be found here

Blind attachments

It's a tough chore to clean vertical and roller blinds, but this task can be made simpler with the use of a soft brush attachment. This attachment is made for getting in between the blinds, see our selection here.

Extension Wand / tubes

These are the tubes used on cylinder and canister, suction cleaners for floor cleaning with the floor tool on the end, many upright vacuum cleaners also incorporate an extension tube option as they can be used for extending your vacuum cleaner’s reach for above the floor cleaning in conjunction with the right accessory tool to , clean areas such as high ceiling corners, curtain rails and behind the heavy sofa . They come in various metal and light weight plastic options and also telescopic formats to adjust the length to suit your height and for more compact storage. So whether you want an additional extension tube to clean those awkward places or want to replace your existing extension tubes……we have a great range here

We hope you found this helpful & informative For all the best attachment tools for the job see our selection right here

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