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What's your carpet cleaning machine?

Posted by Team FM on 19th Aug 2022

What's your carpet cleaning machine?

Ever wondered if you need both a vacuum and a carpet washer or if one can get all the jobs done? While they function differently, you probably don't have to purchase both.

Think of a vacuum cleaner as your regular go-to appliance that keeps your carpets looking sharp. A vacuum does the trick. It's rare to find a home without a vacuum cleaner! On the other hand, carpet washers are specialty units that come out of the cupboard much less often. They clean up stubborn stains in high-traffic areas and can remove spills. They aren't as quick to set up and run as vacuum cleaners, but the results are worth the time. Since carpet washers are occasional-use devices, some people prefer to rent them rather than buy them or even get a professional service to do the job!

Vacuum Cleaner

The familiar household vacuum cleaner uses suction to remove debris, dirt, hair, and other loose particles from carpets and hard floors. It isn't used with water or with any liquid cleaner. With all of the attachments that come with a vacuum, you can clean small areas, stairs, and in between couch cushions. Other options to consider when getting a vacuum are the features that set apart the different styles. Do you prefer upright or cylinder , bag less or bagged, corded or cordless, push or pull ? They each have their pros and cons.

Upright vs. Cylinder/Canister Vacuums

Cylinder/canister vacuums are suction cleaners that you pull around behind you at the end of the hose, they often have on board accessory tools depending on how compact the model is and are brilliant for homes with hard floors. Even carpeted homes are covered these days with powered or air driven brush head attachments to clean and lift the carpet pile. Cylinder vacuums are usually quieter, provide better suction for bare floors, and although it can sometimes be a hassle to carry/pull around they can vacuum stairs and get underneath low furniture easily,unlike upright vacuums. Canister cleaners are often suitable for wet and dry use, so have a different type of motor to dry only cylinder cleaners, which are a bit heavier and noisier, they also have a bigger capacity and are often the DIY’ers choice.

Upright vacuums are efficient carpet cleaners combining suction with the mechanical agitation of the carpet pile with the revolving brush bar, some people find them easier to manoeuvre given you push rather than pull them around and modern uprights have become less bulky and easier to store. However, they're generally heavier, and you can't reach into corners so easily with their large cleaning heads. Vacuuming stairs properly is next to impossible with an upright since they're bulky, weighty, and hard to manoeuvre on the space of a step, so you have to use the extension hose and accessory tools to do this.

Bagged vs. Bag less Vacuums

Bagged vacuums have a dust bag that fills with dust, hair, and debris every time you clean. Modern bagged vacuums are known to be very hygienic and are recommended for allergy sufferers, particularly with the latest multi-layer synthetic bags. Disposable bags with hygienic dust closures minimise the risk of any of the sucked up dirt and dust from escaping when replacing, so it is a much cleaner process to undertake indoors unlike emptying bag less vacuums. We have a big range of vacuum bags for most makes & models check them out here.

Many bagged vacuum cleaners also have HEPA secondary filtration

Two of the cons of bagged vacuum cleaner ownership include buying the bags (although we offer great value and multi-buy discount) and the suction performance of the vacuum decreases as the bag fills up.

The most significant benefit of bag less vacuums is that you do not have to repeatedly buy bags or dispose of them, making it a more economical and Eco-friendly option. One of the drawbacks is when you are cleaning out the dust bin, you kick dirt and dust back into the air, making a mess. It is also a dirty job cleaning the filters, although depending on the type of bag less vacuum you have we may have the solution with our “Filterclean” bag less filter protector, available here 

Corded vs. Cordless Vacuums

Corded vacuums are a popular option because they are robust and reliable. They never run out of power since they’re connected to a power source. However, that cord is also its biggest crutch. You have to unplug & replug in, wherever you are in the house - when vacuuming between rooms, and be mindful of the cord wherever you go.

Cordless vacuums are easy to move around the house, but they are limited by their battery life. A cordless vacuum is an easy choice if you have a small rug or not much carpet. However, they can be pricier and do not have as much heavy-duty cleaning power as corded models, despite what the advertising may say!

Stick Vacuums/Pole vacs

Stick vacuums are lightweight hand held vacuums that you push around much like an upright. . The vacuum is one long stick with the cleaning head at the end of a solid suction tube. Stick vacuums are often more expensive than upright or canister vacuums of similar quality. Most are cordless and bagless, but require frequent emptying of the dust bin and regular charging. Although some are top-heavy, they are slim, easier to store, and simple to manoeuvre, we offer a growing range of filters and accessory items for this popular format

Carpet washer

Carpet washing used to be the domain of professional “steam cleaners” or rental units, large machines using lots of hot water and chemicals. Vax created the first domestic DIY carpet washer in the late 70’s, but combined it into what became known as a 3 in 1 vacuum. It offered dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming and carpet washing or “Vaxing” as they liked it to be known, all in one unit.

Carpet washers have changed a lot in the last 20 years. The terms "carpet cleaner" and "carpet shampooer" relate to carpet cleaning appliances that do not have a water tank. They clean using a fluid or powder cleaner in conjunction with brush action. The cleaning fluid stayed in the carpet to protect the fibres and was not removed.

Carpet washer refers to any appliance used to clean a carpet with clean and dirty water tanks. Most modern carpet washers use hot tap water and cleaning solution sprayed out onto the carpet surface with pressure and worked into the fibres with brushes, l The carpets are deep cleaned, and the cleaning solution is removed by the same machine, which allows the surface to dry quickly.

Carpet experts recommend that you wash your carpets every six months if you have pets, and at least once a year if you don't.

Although some carpet washers have a suction mechanism to remove the dirty solution from your carpet when cleaning the area. You should never use them like a vacuum cleaner as they do not have any filtration built in to them.

Before you wash your carpet, do a thorough cleaning with a vacuum to remove debris. After completing the washing process and the carpet has dried completely, re-vacuum the area to lift the fibres and remove any detergent residue.

Hard floor washer

These are a new product development seeking to offer vacuuming, washing and drying of sealed hard floors in a single pass. Using water and cleaning solution to loosen dirt and stains, the water and solution are extracted into the dirty water tank on the appliance.

Steam cleaners

These products use steam in conjunction with microfibre cloths to clean stone, tiled and laminate floors, they are generally corded appliances and achieve a hygienic, clean result just using water. With accessories some can be used to clean above the floor hard surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms and even to steam clothes and carpets.

Vacuum and Steam Combos

All-in-one vacuums and steam cleaners combine both vacuuming and steam cleaning into one machine, so you can knock out both tasks with one purchase. You vacuum debris and give your floors a deep clean at the same time, effectively killing germs and sanitising your floors.

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