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Miele GN Purefilta HEPA 3D Bag & Filter Pack (5)

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Product Overview

This product fits:

Classic C1 Series
Complete C2 Series
Complete C3 Series
S227i to S240i,
S269i to S282i,
S400i to S499i,
S600i to S699i,
S800i to S899i,
S2000 to S2999,
S5 S5000 to S5999,
S8000 to S8999
Lifestyle Models:
White Pearl S400
Medivac S400
Cat & Dog 800
Cat & Dog 5000
Solution Hepa 5000
Allervac Sensor 5000
Argos Ref: 408/1788, 406/3562, 088/4532, 408/1726, 406/3548, 406/3555
(Miele G N Pack of 5 with filters)
S223-2, S224, S224-2, S227, S227I, S227-S240I, S228, S228I, S228I02, S229, S229I, S230, S230I, S231I, S232I, S233, S233I, S234I, S235I, S236I, S238I, S240, S240I, S257i, S258i, S259i,
S260i, S261i, S262i, S269I, S270I, S271I,
S272I, S274I, S275I, S276I, S278I, S280I, S282I,
S2110 to S2181 S2000 - s2999,
S2110, S2110lav , Lava grey, S2111, S2111red, S2120, S2121, S2130, S2131, S2180, S2181,
S400i - s456i,
S400i, S401i, S402i, S403i, S404i, S405i, S406i, S407i, S408i, S409i, S410i, S411i, S412i, S413i, S414i, S415i, S416i,S417i, S418i, S419i, S420i, S421i, S422i, S423i, S424i, S425i, S426i, S427i, S428i, S429i, S430i, S431i, S432i, S433i, S434i, S435i, S436i, S437i, S438i, S439i, , S440i, S441i, S442i, S443i, S444i, S445i , S446i, S447i, S448i, S449i, S450i, S451i, S452i, S453i, S454i, S455i, S456i,
S400, S400I, S401I, S402I, S404I, S408I, S410I,
S411I, S412I, S414I, S420I, S421, S422I,
S424, S424I, S426I, S428I, S434I, S436I,
S438I, S442I, S444, S444I, S445I, S446I,
S447I, S448I, S456I-2,
S456I, S456I-2,

S600, S612, S624, S626, S634, S636, S638, S644, S646, S648, S658, S600
S600i, S601i, S602i, S603i, S604i, S605i, S606i, S607i, S608i, S609i, S610i, S611i, S612i, S613i, S614i, S615i, S616i, S617i, S618i, S619i, S620i, S621i, S622i, S623i, S624i, S625i, S626i, S627i, S628i, S629i, S630i, S631i, S632i, S633i, S634i, S635i, S636i, S637i, S638i, S639i, S640i, S641i, S642i, S643i, S644i, S645i, S646i, S647i, S648i, S649i, S650i, S651i, S652i, S653i, S654i, S655i, S656i, S657i, S658i,
S812, S826, S828, S834, S836, S838, S844, S846, S848, S849, S858,
S5210, S5211, S5220, S5260, S5261, S5221
S5280, S5281, S5281 Solution
S5310, S5311, S5321, S5360, S5361, S5380
S5381, S5410, S5411, S5421, S5480, S5481
Gr G, G, N, H
S227, S227i, S269, S269i,
S228, S228i, S270, S270i,
S229, S229i, S271, S271i,
S230, S230i, S272, S272i,
S231, S231i, S273, S273i,
S232, S232i, S274, S274i,
S233, S233i, S275, S275i,
S234, S234i, S276, S276i,
S235, S235i, S277, S277i,
S236, S236i, S278, S278i,
S237, S237i, S279, S279i,
S238, S238i, S280, S280i,
S239, S239i, S281, S281i,
S240, S240i, S282, S282i,

S400, S400i S401, S401i
S402, S402i S403, S403i
S404, S404i S405, S405i
S406, S406i S407, S407i
S408, S408i S409, S409i
S410, S410i S411, S411i
S412, S412i S413, S413i
S414, S414i S415, S415i
S416, S416i S417, S417i
S418, S418i S419, S419i
S420, S420i S421, S421i
S422, S422i S423, S423i
S424, S424i S425, S425i
S426, S426i S427, S427i
S428, S428i, S429, S429i
S430, S430i, S431, S431i
S432, S432i, S433, S433i
S434, S434i, S435, S435i
S436, S436i, S437, S437i
S438, S438i, S439, S439i
S440, S440i, S441, S441i
S442, S442i, S443, S443i
S444, S444i, S445, S445i
S446, S446i, S447, S447i
S448, S448i, S449, S449i
S450, S450i, S451, S451i
S452, S452i, S453, S453i
S454, S454i, S455, S455i
S456, S456i, S457, S457i
S458, S458i, S459, S459i
S460, S460i, S461, S461i
S462, S462i, S463, S463i
S464, S464i, S465, S465i
S466, S466i, S467, S467i
S468, S468i, S469, S469i
S470, S470i, S471, S471i
S472, S472i, S473, S473i
S474, S474i, S475, S475i
S476, S476i, S477, S477i
S478, S478i, S479, S479i
S480, S480i , S481, S481i
S482, S482i, S483, S483i
S484, S484i, S485, S485i
S486, S486i, S487, S487i
S488, S488i, S489, S489i
S490, S490i, S491, S491i
S492, S492i, S493, S493i
S494, S494i, S495, S495i
S496, S496i, S497, S497i
S498, S498i, S499, S499i

S600 , S601 , S602 , S603 , S604 , S605 , S606 , S607 , S608 , S609 , S610 , S611 , S612 ,
S613 , S614 , S615 , S616 , S617 , S618 , S619 , S620 , S621 , S622 , S623 , S624 , S625
S626 , S627 , S628 , S629 , S630 , S631 , S632 , S633 , S634 , S635 , S636 , S637 , S638 ,
S639 , S640 , S641 , S642 , S643 , S644 , S645 , S646 , S647 , S648 , S649 , S650 , S651 ,
S652 , S653 , S654 , S655 , S656 , S657 , S658 , S659 , S660 , , S661 , S662 , S663 , S664,
S665 , S666 , S667 , S668 , S669 , S670 , S671 , S672 , S673 , S674 , S675 , S676 , S677 ,
S678 , S679 , S680 , S681 , S682 , S683 , S684 , S685 , S686 , S687 , S688 , S689 , S690 ,
S691 , S692 , S693 , S694 , S695 , S696 , S697 , S698 , S699 ,

S800 S801 S802 S803 S804 S805 S806 S807 S808 S809 S810 S811 S812 S813 S814
S815 S816 S817 S818 S819 S820 S821 S822 S823 S824 S825 S826 S827 S828 S829
S830 S831 S832 S833 S834 S835 S836 S837 S838 S839 S840 S841 S842 S843 S844
S845 S846 S847 S848 S849 S850 S851 S852 S853 S854 S855 S856 S857 S858 S859
S860 S861 S862 S863 S864 S865 S866 S867 S868 S869 S870 S871 S872 S873 S874
S875 S876 S877 S878 S879 S880 S881 S882 S883 S884 S885 S886 S887 S888 S889
S890 S891 S892 S893 S894 S895 S896 S897 S898 S899
Cat & Dog 800
Lifestyle Models:
Cat & Dog 5000
Solution Hepa 5000
Allervac Sensor 5000
Classsic C1 Junior Powerline,
Classic C1 Powerline,
Classic C1 Ecoline,
Classic C1 Junior Ecoline,
Complete C2 Powerline,
Complete C2 Ecoline,
Complete C2 Cat & Dog Powerline,
Complete C3 Powerline,
Complete C3 Ecoline PLus,
Complete C3 Comfort Electro Ecoline Plus
Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline,
Complete C3 HEPA 13 Silence Ecoline Plus,
Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy Powerline
Blue collar


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