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Rowenta Collecto Bully Wet & Dry 165mm high Cartridge Filter

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Product Overview

This product fits:

RU100 - RU110

Measurements 180mm OD x 145-150mm (flexible push fit) ID x 165mm High

Note:- This filter can be used in wet or dry mode.
(Pack of 1)

This filter is made from Polyester media for wet and dry use while offering 85% efficiency at 5 micron particle size.
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Rowenta RCF256 ZR74
Rowenta RN600
Rowenta RN610
Rowenta RO123301
Rowenta RO5255
Rowenta RS0009
Rowenta RS005
Rowenta RS007
Rowenta RS0085
Rowenta RS009
Rowenta RS010
Rowenta RS090
Rowenta RS730
Rowenta RS740
Rowenta RS745
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Rowenta RS76
Rowenta RS762
Rowenta RS766
Rowenta RS810
Rowenta RU062
Rowenta RU065
Rowenta RU068
Rowenta RU070
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Rowenta RU102
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Rowenta RU110
Rowenta RU29
Rowenta RU31
Rowenta RU32
Rowenta RU33
Rowenta RU34
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Rowenta RU381
Rowenta RU814
Rowenta RU824
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Rowenta ZR002801
Rowenta ZR003901
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Rowenta ZR765
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