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Remove carpet stains, keep your carpets clean of wine stains, & coffee stains

Posted by Team FM on 17th Nov 2022

Remove carpet stains,  keep your carpets clean of wine stains, & coffee stains

If you have ever spilt coffee or red wine on your carpets then you can appreciate how important it is to find an effective stain removal formula. If marks and stains aren’t dealt with at the time or go unnoticed they can leave your carpets looking tired, which can tarnish the overall ambience of a room or home. 

Depending on your situation it might be possible to tackle just an individual area or stain with a carpet stain remover or you may need to revitalise the whole carpet with a deep clean. 

High traffic areas are the most likely to become dirty and this will be even more visible if you have light carpets. It is advisable not to wait until your carpets are in severe need of cleaning as the longer they are left; the more likely it is that dirt will be trodden deeper into the carpet fibres. 

Refresh Your Carpets With a Deep Clean 

If you have decided that carpet cleaning is the way to go then it is possible to hire a carpet cleaner, but with leading manufacturers like Vax and Bissell both producing compact machines at reasonable prices – it may pay to purchase a cleaner, that way you can clean the carpets regularly to prevent set-in dirt and stains. Depending on the type of stain or cause of the dirt, the cleaning solution required may vary. Most floorcare manufacturers will have a range of cleaning solutions designed to tackle everything from pet messes to everyday dirt.

Carpet Cleaner Tips 

Whether you are hiring a cleaner or buying one, you need to know how to use it properly in order to get the best results. The first thing to do is to prepare the room. Experts recommend that you remove all furniture as this will enable you to reach all areas of the room and access awkward or difficult corners. You should then vacuum the room thoroughly as this will remove any surface dirt or debris that could potentially impede the cleaner. Before using the deep cleaner it is important to read the instruction manual, this will advise on how to fill, operate and empty the machine. Once ready to get started you should tackle the carpet in small areas, pulling the cleaner towards you. When you have extracted as much dirt as possible from the carpets, it is advisable to open windows or use fans to promote air movement and speed up the drying process. If you have any carpet cleaning tips, we would love to hear them via our Instagram, check it out here