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Oreck XL Genuine 300604 Vacuum Cleaner Belt Pack (3)

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Product Overview

This product fits:

XL1 Series
XL5 Series
XL7 Series
XL21 Series
2000 Series
3000 Series
4000 Series
8000 Series
9000 Series
Axis Series
Elevate Series
Elevate Control UK30100
Elevtae Command UK30200
Elevate Conquer UK30300
Oreck Ref: 300604

(Pack of 3)

NB: Does not fit Oreck Magnesium and Oreck Edge Vacuum Cleaners
Axis Series Axis UK3721QPC Elevate Control UK30100 Elevate Command UK30200 Elevate Conquer UK30300 6000, 6100E, 6502Z, 6707Z, 6706Z, 6709Z, XL1 U2255RS XL5 XL21 XL7 Series XL2000 Series XL3000 Series U4000 Series XL8000 Series with Docking System XL9000 Series with Docking System XL Platinum & XL Platinum Plus Black Deluxe Series Black Ultra Series Blue Platinum Series David Oreck Aviator Series U7210 and David Oreck Founders Series U3774HHBSQ Graphite Series Platinum Pilot Series Platinum Pilot Plus Series ProPlus1 Series Signature Series Signature Plus Series XL Signature Plus II Power Team Ultra Series XL Classic Series XL Deluxe Series XL Gold Series XL Outlook Series XL Platinum Series XL Silver Series. XL100, XL200, XL5000, XL5300, XL8300, XL888, XL9100, XL9200, XL9300, XL9300E, XL9400, XL988, XL21, XL5, XL7, XL3, XL10, XL2005, XL2006, XL2007, XL20074, XL2205, XL2206, XL2325, XL2455, XL2545, XL2600HH 2000 Series XL2605, XL2610HH 2000 Series XL2635, XL2700HH 2000 Series XL2700RH 2000 Series XL2700RHY 2000 Series XL2705 2000 Series XL2800H2W 2000 Series XL2800H2B 2000 Series XL2800H2US 2000 Series XL2800HAY 2000 Series XL2400RS 2000 Series U2420RSQ 2000 Series XL2330HS 2000 Series XL2330RS 2000 Series U2330RD 2000 Series U2740RD 2000 Series U2255, U2265, U2555, U2565, XL2500RH 2000 Series XL2500HH 2000 Series XL2450RH 2000 Series XL3600HH 3000 Series XL3600RH 3000 Series XL3610HH 3000 Series U3700HH 3000 Series U3710HH 3000 Series U3770HH Silver Series U3771HH Silver Series U3760HH 3000 Series U3720HG 3000 Series U3720HR 3000 Series XL3640HH 3000 Series U3640RH 3000 Series XL3800H2B 3000 Series XL3900H2B 3000 Series XL3910H2B 3000 Series U3980H2B 3000 Series U3990H2B 3000 Series U3700, U3770, U3771, U3775, U3785, U3795, U3805, U3845, U4080H2 4000 Series U4080H2B 4000 Series U4080H2R 4000 Series U4080H2Y 4000 Series U4070H2L 4000 Series U4090H2 4000 Series U4090H2B 4000 Series U4090H2G 4000 Series U4090H2T 4000 Series U4090H2P 4000 Series U4490HH 4000 Series U4120H2B Intellashield U4120H2P Intellashield U4120H2R Intellashield U4150H2R Intellashield Gold Series U4150H2P Intellashield Gold Series U4151H2G Intellashield Gold Series U4145, U4155, U4305 U7010ECS XL Insight (includes all models with suffix RH,HH RHPK) XL1, XL3 ,Black XL5, Green XL5, XL7, XL10, XL Graphite, XL Founders Edition, XL Signature, 2205, U2265, U2325, U2455, U2505, U2505RH, U2545, U2555RH, U2565, U2605 (Classic), U2635, U2645, U2705, U3505, XL3605 Champagne Edition, Pink Vac, Pro Plus, 3785, U3795, U3805, U3845, U4145, U4305 100C, 9100C, 888, 888G, 5000, 5300, 8300G, 9200, 9400, 988, 988G, 9300, 9300G, 9800, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, U2420RSQ, 2500, 2600, 2700 and 2800 Also Fits Garry Ultra Light Cleaner 506002073001, 1912508800, PPP132, 0853 75024-01


(No reviews yet) Write a Review